Online Dating Tips for the Single Woman: The Internet is a Great Way to Meet People

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Dating can be tedious nowadays for the single woman. It’s so hard to find that certain someone you may be looking for. However, it may just be hard because of where you’re looking. If you’re going to bars or clubs in the hopes of meeting that certain someone, you’re fishing in the wrong pond.

All you’re going to find in a bar or club, more than likely, is a man who merely wants you for physical reasons, if you know what I mean. If you’re a single woman and that’s what you’re looking for, then the bar or club might just be the right pond to fish in after all.

If you’re a single woman, however, who is looking for someone who listens to them and can carry on an actual conversation, along with being compatible physically as well, basically the entire package, then the dating scene can be as tedious as a root canal. Where do you find that person? Where do you look? Well, today, many single women are taking to the internet to find that potential love of their life.

Dating Is Supposed To Be Fun

For the single woman, online dating tips are necessary so that you have a fun and exhilarating experience dating, which is exactly how dating should be. The first online dating tip for the single woman is to find a dating site that delves deeper than merely age and location.

Most dating sites list you as a (male or female) seeking a (male or female). After that, you describe yourself in a short paragraph and then you more than likely post a picture. That’s all your potential mates have to go on. This is not really an affective way to find that certain someone. The first online dating tip for the single woman is to go with the dating site that gets down to personality, likes, dislikes, viewpoints, everything that makes you who you are.

The second online dating tip for the single woman is to feel the person out before you actually meet them in person. Realize that internet dating brings completely new fundamentals to the table that weren’t possible before with traditional dating. For one thing, the internet is anonymous. People can lie about all sorts of things, such as age, height or weight, hair color, their marital status and whether or not they have children.

This online dating tip for the single woman is to ask plenty of questions, ask the questions in different ways and at different times to see if their descriptions of themselves remain consistent. If they’re lying, more than likely they’ll slip up and give themselves away. This, needless to say, is not what you want in a potential mate. This person is just trying to get in your pants, so to speak, and that’s probably not what you’re looking for.

The best online dating tip for the single woman, when you finally do meet in person, is to meet in a public place with other people around. That way, if you find that this person isn’t who they say they are, you are protected in case they have malicious intent. It’s scary to think about but, let’s face it, we live in a dangerous world.

However, meeting online can be a great way to meet someone. You get to know the real them without first relying on the physical as you would in a social setting. It’s more comfortable and, you never know, you could finally meet that man of your dreams without having to go through ten or fifteen guys before finally meeting the one.

Dating Tips for a Woman of Today

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No longer are the dating tips a woman relied on when preparing for and going on a date applicable. We live in a modern world with changing values and social atmosphere;  therefore, it is important to adapt so as not to be left behind. Even if you haven’t dated recently, with just a small set of updated dating tips for a woman of today, it will be much easier to smoothly make the transition into modern life.

Call Him

We have long held the notion that it was improper for a woman to call a man and that she should wait politely by the phone for him to call her. However, that’s an unfair amount of responsibility to place on a man’s shoulders. He may be just as nervous about how the woman on the other end of the line might be feeling. Take some of the pressure off of him and make the call yourself. Be a woman whose dating tips include taking initiative, being assertive, and making the first move. That is not to suggest that you should be highly aggressive but that being too timid will not get you anywhere.

If You Are Hungry, Eat!

The number one dating tip for a woman who likes food is to eat! Although svelte women are often thought of as very attractive, men don’t want to date women who can’t enjoy a good meal. Only ordering a salad or picking at your food while whining about how fat you are is not attractive to any man. Confidence and gusto for life (and food!) are more likely to win him over. In fact, knowledge of cooking may be even more attractive to a potential mate. Some women fear that cooking for a man is somehow demeaning, but in fact it shows intelligence and a skill set that he may not possess himself. These are both very empowering qualities.

Play the Field

Unless you’ve been on several dates and have defined your relationship as something other than casual, there is no reason not to accept invitations from other men as well. After all, there is no sense limiting your option in the early stages of a relationship. A dating tip for a woman who does this though is that it’s essential that you’re honest with any dates about this because lying about having other prospects means that you may not be altogether comfortable with the situation and that’s bound to cause problems down the line.