Dating an Older Woman and Tips to Keep Her

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As a man in my twenties, my idea of dating was going out to the bar or club and hitting on any girl that I found attractive. I got shot down a lot but I also met a few great girls. However, before too long, I would become bored. The women my age were too insecure and I couldn’t really find anyone that I could talk with, that I could mess with.

Then, I met Janet. Janet is older than me and, at first, I found that a little intimidating. I figured, what could I possibly offer her? Janet is beautiful, successful and she has money. I was a broke college student who could barely make ends meet. However, I found something in Janet that I don’t think I could ever find in the girls my age. I’m going to share with you my thoughts on dating an older woman and tips to keep her. I’m sure you’ll find, as I did, that once you go older, you’ll never go back.

Older Women Are Generally Secure With Themselves

Janet was very secure with herself, both intellectually and physically. She didn’t obsess over her body as the girls my age did. She was confident and she showed it in ways I’d never experienced before. She was also very wise. She was older than me so she’d seen more, known more, and I found myself learning a lot from her. We had deep conversations and, again, I haven’t found anyone who could read me as well as Janet could read me, certainly not from my age range.

However, my thoughts on dating an older woman and tips to keep her can help you avoid the trap I almost fell into. The first step in dating an older woman and the tip to keep her is to treat her as if she’s not really older than you. You see, because older women are more mature, they are seeking someone who is also mature. It is true that older women often seek younger guys because they find a youthful man attractive. However, they don’t want a little boy, they want a man. Act like it. Treat her as if you two are the same age and your relationship will be fantastic as mine was with Janet.

Dating an older woman and tips to keep her include making her feel as young and beautiful as possible, always being there for her when she needs you and even when she doesn’t really need you, and to always listen to her. Dating an older woman and the tips to keep her are really important because it’s too easy for a younger man to assume that subordinate role. This is very unattractive to an older woman. After all, she’s looking for a lover and a partner, not a son.

Dating an older woman and the tips to keep her aren’t difficult, they’re actually common sense. The most important thing is to see her as a person, not an age, and have fun. That’s what dating is all about, isn’t it?

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