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Life for a human being is divided into distinct phases according to age. Infancy is followed by childhood, then puberty, then youth, then middle age and lastly old age and death. Each of these phases has something new in it, and it is a great thing if you are prepared to face these changes with poise and confidence.

Boys Dating Tips- The First Step towards Adulthood

Childhood turns into puberty at about 13 to15 years of age when all of a sudden boys and girls notice each other from a sexual point of view. There is attraction between the sexes and there are new feelings that occupy your minds and trouble your bodies. This is the time when boys start thinking of asking girls on dates and it is the exact time when some boys dating tips would come in handy.

1. Dating does not mean you are going steady with a girl. It actually says you are interested to know her better. So, do not be shy of asking the girl that interests you to go out with you. At the same time, be prepared for a negative answer. It might be that the girl you want to know better, does not feel the same way about you. This is no big deal; it is just like wanting to make friends with someone. Some “connections” click, and some don’t.

2. Make dating occasions fun. Some boys dating tip advice that you keep the first few dates open for discussion – say at a shopping mall, amusement park, ice cream parlor – where you could judge whether you and the girl in question are comfortable with each other.  This is very important because if you do not find each other interesting, this relationship would not go very far. The best choice still remains to have a fun-date. Do something you love to do – go out skating, have huge ice-cream sundaes, watch a comedy show, etc. This will take out the initial awkwardness of the situation and pave the way to a deeper friendship.

3. Behave like a gentleman – this is a very important boys dating tip. There is a lot of pressure from your peers to get sexual with your girlfriend. However, remember that if you value her friendship and you really want her to respect and love you, you will have to earn it. There will be a time when sex would be the right thing to do. Till then, do not make any ungentlemanly moves. Concentrate on being friends and feeling good in each other’s company.

4. Sex should be safe – among all the boys dating tips, this one is the most critical. In case you do decide to have sex – and you should be sure that your girlfriend is ready for it – do it responsibly. Always wear a condom as this would prevent unwanted pregnancies and possible venereal diseases. Do not count on her to be on contraceptive pills.

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